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H0/00 Gauge Coaches & Rolling Stock

26th June 2022

We now have the British Railways livery available for the ETS Ivatt Class C1 Atlantic Locomotive, for full details see the ETS Locomotives page

15th May 2022

This week we will have the first livery of the new Ivatt class C1 4-4-2 large Atlantic locomotive from ETS. The LNER livery will be in stock this week with more liveries to come very soon. See the ETS locomotives page for photo and more details.

15th January 2022

If you are in need of any Plimpton and Meccano Bayko spares, we have a list of individual spare parts available - please contact us for details and see the picture o the Bayko/Meccano page.

8th August 2021

All liveries of the Weltrol wagon from ETS are now in stock and the first liveries of the ETS Tar Wagon have arrived, take a look at the pictures on the ETS Goods Rolling Stock page.

25th July 2021

We are very pleased to hear that some of the toy fairs scheduled for later in the year have now been confirmed as going ahead, please see our Toy Fairs page for more details. We look forward to seeing you at one of these events very soon!

5th June 2021

Now in stock, the first livery of the Weltrol Well Wagon, plus lots of different loads to choose from. See the ETS goods rolling stock and accessories and spares pages for details (other liveries can be pre-ordered).

16th May 2021

This week it has been confirmed that some of the Toy Fairs will be back on this year. You can find out which ones we will be attending on the Toy Fairs page, it will be great to see all our customers again in person!

9th May 2021

We're pleased to introduce a new locomotive coming later this year from ETS, the GNR/LNER Ivatt Class locomotive. You can find all the details on the ETS locomotives page. This week we have also confirmed the liveries for the new Flatrol Well Wagon and Tar Wagon also from ETS, check the ETS Goods Rolling Stock page for more information.

24th January 2021

Fancy a change? If you own a Darstaed 0-6-0 Jinty tank locomotive, why not get yourself an alternative livery without buying the whole thing! We have new bodies in a choice of CR, LMS or SDJR liveries available, easily attached with four screws and a plug. See the Darstaed accessories and spares page for pictures and more details.

6th December 2020

Coming early in 2021 the new Flatrol/Well Wagon from ETS. The prototype photo can be seen on the ETS goods rolling stock page. Liveries to be announced very soon!

7th October 2020

Check out the Seven Mill Models page, we have a choice of names available for the B1, B17 and V2 locomotives, all available now. The B1 comes in black lined mixed traffic livery, the B17 in BR green lined livery and the V2 in BR lined green.

9th August 2020

This week we've received the latest livery of the ETS brake vans, the London Transport livery. You can take a look at these on the ETS goods rolling stock page, they are in stock now.

12th July 2020

This month we have new arrivals from ETS with the latest livery for the Hunslett Austerity j94 locomotive, a new livery Brake Van and another milk tanker. See the ETS pages for more details.

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