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​​​​​​​Corgi diecast

3rd February

We start the month by announcing the new Sentinal shunting locomotive from ETS, which will be made in 10 different liveries and is available to order now. See the ETS shop page for more information.

16th December

All liveries of the Adams Radial locomotive by ETS are now in stock and available to order. We would like to wish all our customers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

24th November

New from ETS and available by the end of December is the 40th anniversary HRCAA members only limited edition class C30 4-6-4 tank locomotive, made in England by Bayer-Peacock then shipped to Australia for final assembly. By agreement with the HRCAA and co-operation from ETS we will have a limited quantity for the UK market with a different running number, available in 2 or 3-rail. Go to the ETS locomotives page for more details and photos.

18th November

The new milk tanker wagons from ETS are now in stock in NE and SR liveries, two different running numbers for each. Also from ETS, some of the loads for the bogie bolster wagons are now back in stock with a brand new load of Liverpool cable reels. Don't miss our new Britains animals page, we only sell metal versions of these, some of which are very rare.

4th November 2018

Have a browse around our recently updated Britains & Dinky page. We have now split this page into categories to make it easier to find the items you want and have also added a large number of metal Britains animals.
14th October 2018

Please note that we have been experiencing issues with receiving emails over the past week, if you have not had a response to your email within 24 hours please give us a call using the number on the contact page.

19th August 2018

Here at Raylo we are always looking for those extra touches which make your layout more realistic. We are now pleased to be able to offer a choice of simulated ballast and coal loads to fit the ETS hopper wagons along with the coal load which fits the private owner and colliery wagons. Also available is a choice of six different loads to fit the bogie bolster wagon, choose from packing crates, boiler, cable drums and containers. 

22nd July 2018

The first livery of the Adams Radial locomotive by ETS is now in stock, this is the LSWR Adams pea green livery with other liveries due to follow later this year. 
We will shortly be moving to a new email address; the change will be made gradually over the coming months.  More details will follow soon. 

8th July 2018

We have updated the product details for the Ace Trains Q class locomotive as we have 5 different liveries/running numbers available. Take a look at these in the 0 Gauge Other Stock section under Ace Trains.

10th June 2018

Please note that we will be closed for holidays from 25th June to 2nd July 2018. If you email us during this time we will respond as soon as we return.

8th April 2018

The LMS and SR livery bogie bolster wagons from ETS are being delivered this week and will be available from week commencing 16th April. You can pre-order these or any of the other future liveries using our contact form.
1st April 2018

The first of the bogie bolster wagons by ETS are now in stock, these are the GWR liveries with SR to follow shortly and other liveries to become available over the next few weeks.

18th March 2018

This week we've introduced two new sections on the website, one for miscellaneous collectibles which don't fit into any of the main sections and another for other gauge items such as gauge 1. There are already some interesting items listed in both sections, why not take a look?

25th February 2018

The new Adams Radial locomotive from ETS is available to pre-order now and we are expecting the first delivery in April. Also new from ETS are the flat cars with different loads and 6-wheel milk tank wagons, see the ETS section for more details.

3rd December 2017

This week we have listed the first pictures of the new West Park Dairy milk tanker wagon by ETS, available to order now with deliver expected by mid-December. If you would like to order please use the contact form or give us a call.

19th November 2017

We're pleased to let our customers know that coming soon from ETS is the bogie bolster wagon, which will be available in several liveries. The stanchions will be movable to the chassis sides to allow for carrying wider loads. As production progresses, more details and pictures will become available. 

5th November 2017

This week we have received delivery of a new batch of A4 locomotives from Seven Mill Models, including the LNER battleship grey Woodcock which is exclusive to Raylo. These locomotives have a new body design. More details are on the Seven Mill Models page, if you don't see what you are looking for please get in touch as there are more models available than currently listed.

29th October 2017

New from ETS for 2018, the Adams Radial 415 class 4-4-2T locomotive in SR or LSWR green initially with more liveries to come later on. You can pre-order this beautiful locomotive now from Raylo using the contact form.

20th August 2017

This week we've launched a new page for scale model figures. The first items listed here are a variety of old metal models including several celebrities and cartoon characters, plus lots of brand new Presier models.

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