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0-Gauge Locomotives

24th September 2023

This week take a look at the 0-gauge locomotives page where you'll find a very special Brighton Belle 5-car motorised set, made from Hornby Pullman 0-gauge coaches.

17th September 2023

Check out the ETS Locomotives page for new liveries of the A1/A1X class Terrier locomotive available now including LBSCR and SE&CR. Also take a look at the special offers on the website home page!

27th August 2023

We now have confirmed delivery dates for the new Marsh Class H2 locomotive from ETS with the LB&SCR model in lined umber due to be with us at the end of October. See the ETS Locomotives page for more details and to pre-order the other liveries.

21st May 2023

The new Marsh Class H2 locomotive from ETS will be with us very soon! Benefitting from modifications to improve from the earlier model, this one will be available in 4 different liveries. See the ETS Locomotives page for more details and to pre-order. 

9th April 2023

We've got something a little bit different for you in our Miscellaneous section on the website. A brand new and boxed Walt Disney resort and monorail with both straight and curved track available. Take a look!

18th March 2023

Sadly owing to worldwide problems with exports, the second batch of ETS Marsh Class H2 Atlantic Locomotives with LBSCR and Southern liveries has been delayed and are now unlikely to be with us until August.

6th November 2022

The final livery of the ETS Ivatt Class C1 Atlantic Locomotive has now arrived, this is the LNER green lined livery. The prototype will now be altered in order to produce the SR and LBSC and LBSCR versions, we are hoping to have our first delivery by March 2023. There will be two liveries in SR green and two liveries in brown in for LBSC and the other for LBSCR.

28th August 2022

Coming soon, a Marklin collection in H0 gauge 3-rail stud contact from the late 1950s and 60s including all items to make up layout no.10 as shown in the Marklin book of layouts (which is also included with the collection). Included is a selection of locomotives and rolling stock, all will be listed once checked and tested. Please contact us for more details.

21st August 2022

The ETS Ivatt Class C1 Atlantic Locomotive is now available in 3 different liveries including the new GNR lined green. Also available to complement your new locomotive are Darstaed suburban coach sets. See the ETS locomotives page and Darstaed coaches page for more information. 

26th June 2022

We now have the British Railways livery available for the ETS Ivatt Class C1 Atlantic Locomotive, for full details see the ETS Locomotives page

15th May 2022

This week we will have the first livery of the new Ivatt class C1 4-4-2 large Atlantic locomotive from ETS. The LNER livery will be in stock this week with more liveries to come very soon. See the ETS locomotives page for photo and more details.

15th January 2022

If you are in need of any Plimpton and Meccano Bayko spares, we have a list of individual spare parts available - please contact us for details and see the picture o the Bayko/Meccano page.